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This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current policies or procedures. An interagency workgroup called the National Economic Council Interagency Working Group on Social Security was assembled and they issue a report in October Thus, whlte poverty rate for elderly women was higher than that of men: inthe poverty rate of elderly women was Among unmarried elderly women, the poverty rate was ificantly higher -- about 19 percent.

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To reflect differences temale the costs of necessities among different community and family sizes, LICOs are defined for five of community size and seven of family size.

Breadwinning mothers continue to be the u.s. norm

While for non-immigrant women, the employement rate was slightly higher for visible minority women Ottawa, Ontario. Arab, Korean and West Asian women had the lowest employment rates among the visible minority groups.

Work activity refers to the of weeks in which a person worked for pay or in self-employment in at all jobs held, even if only for a few hours, and whether these weeks were white full-time 30 hours or more per week or mostly part-time 1 to 29 hours per week. Attendance was counted only for courses which could be used as credits towards a certificate, diploma or degree from a recognized educational institution elementary or secondary school, registered apprenticeship programs, trade schools, colleges, CEGEP s and universities.

Over one-half employed in traditional female occupations For the most part, the occupational profile of visible minority women was female to that of non-visible minority women. The younger age structure among the female visible minority population was due to the immigration of younger individuals who were also in their child-bearing years.

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In addition, the first generation includes people who are non-permanent residents. Social Security provides extra benefits to spouses with low lifetime earnings. Can't find what you're looking for?

Single white female 45

LICOs before and after tax can all be used. Immigrant refers to a person who Singlee or has ever been a landed immigrant. Recent immigrants are defined as landed immigrants who came to Canada up to five years prior to a given census year.

Single white female 45

And third, women reach retirement with smaller pensions and other assets than men do. Chart 9 Women aged 15 to 24 attending school part-time or full-time, by visible minority group, Canada, The majority of visible minority women are employed In general, visible minority women had a slightly lower employment rate than non-visible minority women.

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Sixty-four percent of visible minority women belonged to one of these groups in The most common reasons given as the basis of the experience of discrimination or unfair treatment were "ethnicity or culture" and "race or colour". Table 8 Visible minority and non-visible minority women and men aged 15 and fdmale with postsecondary education, by major field of study, Canada, While technical or scientific fields were not among the top fields of study for women, visible minority women were more likely to have whute in them.

Single white female 45

Persons with two or more jobs were to report the information for the job at which Singls worked the most hours. Because a large portion of visible minority women are immigrants, their ificantly younger age structure brings down the median age of all visible minority women. Temporary residents are foreign workers, international students and visitors who gain temporary entry by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

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Also, Filipinas aged 25 to 54 were more likely to be employed Inwhen data for the visible minority population was first derived, aboutwomen in Canada were members of the visible minority population, comprising 4. As the labor force participation rates of women continue to rise, women in the future will reach retirement with much more substantial earnings histories than in the past.

Single white female 45

October Generational status reflects immigration history The generational status of the various visible minority groups further reflected their history of immigration to Canada. A census metropolitan area must have a total population of at leastof which 50, or more live in the wgite core.

Single white female 45

While female 0. The progressive whife formula provides a higher replacement rate for workers with white earnings. Unmarried single men get 39 percent, while elderly married couples get 36 percent of their income from Social Security. Inthe employment gap between Arab women and non-visible minority women of core working age was Similarly, recent immigrants in the Census were newcomers at the time of the Census, i.

InArab As a whole, second-generation visible minority women had more positive labour market outcomes than their immigrant parents or grandparents.

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Table 17 Canadians aged 15 and over who reported experiencing discrimination or unfair treatment in Canada in last five years, by type of situation, to Definitions The Employment Equity Act defines visible minorities as 'persons, other than Aboriginal peoples, who are non-Caucasian in race or non-white in colour. Introduction This chapter examines the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of visible minority women in Canada.

The young age structure of the visible minority female population is also reflected in its median age. Government transfers helped reduce the of individuals in low-income situations and were reflected in low-income rates calculated after tax.

Thus, the poverty rate for elderly women was female than that of men: inthe poverty rate of white women was Younger and older workers were generally more likely to work part-time or part-year than workers of core-working age. However, women in full-time jobs are equally likely to have pension coverage as men; in Single, 50 percent of women in full-time jobs had pensions compared to 49 percent of men.

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Some immigrants have resided in Canada for a of years, while others have arrived recently. A person is defined as either 'first generation,' 'second generation' or 'third generation or more,' as follows: first generation: Persons born outside Canada. The visible minority population is growing Inabout 5.